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If you like this site, there's a good chance you'll enjoy visiting some of the urls listed below. I suspect that this will be the most volatile page on the GBB site. I hope it's useful to you.


Alex Stepanov's papers, class notes, and source code
Alex's name will probably be forever associated with C++, but most of the material here is language neutral and of interest to any developer who is interested in continuing to improve. You might want to visit regularly since the preliminary drafts of his upcoming book "Elements of Programming" are being constantly updated. Also, as well as the written material, there's some videos of lectures Alex has given.
Herb Sutter's home page
In my opinion, Herb Sutter writes the most useful programming books and articles for working C++ programmers.
Dan Saks' articles
Dan Saks is the only person I know of who goes into detail about the fine points of topics like sequence points, rvalues and lvalues, the types of literal constants, and tag names. The C++ language becomes a little bit clearer to me when I read his explanations.
Joseph M. Newcomer's site
The best site I know of for advice on programming in the Win32 world. I'm surprised that it's not better known. There are lots of essays that are worth reading.


Terence Tao's blog
Terence Tao is a recent Fields medallist, and he blogs regularly on subjects he's been thinking about. As well as research mathematics, he's also written entries like "Does one have to be a genius to do maths?" and "Learn and relearn your field".
This is the web interface to the newsgroup for mathematicians. I check it out almost every day.


How to Promote Your Business on the Internet
I've found the marketing notes at GoingWare's site to be extremely helpful. This site has definitely been influenced by Michael Crawford's writings.
Charles Harrington Elster's Page
Those who know me are aware that I'm very interested in etymology. There's lots of good information at this site. Incidentally, Charles Harrington Elster is the Verbal Advantage guy. I'd heard the ads on the radio for years, and assumed that the product was junk. Out of curiosity, I borrowed some tapes from the local library, and I quickly realized I was wrong.

Reciprocal Links

Michael Crawford has said it perfectly, so I'll just repeat his words here:

"The best way for potential clients to find me is for people who read my pages to feel that what I have to say is useful or interesting enough that they provide hyperlinks to my site from one or more of their own web pages. It may not be a client who follows the link, but perhaps someone who will suggest me to a client.

If you link to any of my pages, I will return the favor by linking back to you from here."

"GoingWare Inc. does custom programming for clients worldwide. We emphasize well-thought-out architecture, robust implementation, and delivery of products that are reliable and easy to use. The source code that GoingWare writes continues to provide value to the client after the project is complete because of its clarity, extensibility and maintainability."
Cut The Knot
"Cut The Knot Software, Inc. is my [Alexander Bogomolny's] business incarnation. We offer a combination of teaching and programming experience and a deep attachment to mathematics."
Saks & Associates
"Dan Saks is one of the world's leading experts on the C and C++ programming languages and their use in developing embedded systems. He provides training and consulting services through his company, Saks & Associates."

Incidentally, for years I've had a problem spelling reciprocal properly. The third vowel is where I get confused. I've solved the problem by remembering the word reciprocity. I use a similar trick to remember how to spell ridiculous: I recall the word ridicule.

December 22 2003 Posted
July 12 2007 Last Updated

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