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Welcome to Walter's Home Page

Hi, I'm Walter Vannini. I'm a programmer and I'm based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Some of my strengths are simulation (including Computer Aided Manufacturing, modeling Petrochemical plants, animating building Construction), modeling (meshes, spline surfaces, NURBS, core CAD internals like boolean operations) and visualization (3d graphics, OpenGL, scenegraph API's, point clouds, stereography). I started off as a mathematician who could do a little programming and I've evolved into a programmer who knows some mathematics. I do the kinds of things you would expect of a mathematician, like implementing algorithms, customizing algorithms for specific situations, and creating algorithms as needed. I also do things like add modern user interface features to legacy applications, use ATL to write ActiveX components, write native windows apps, programmatically deal with XML, and programmatically query and modify databases. I've even written an image processing server side application for interactively applying virtual makeup to uploaded jpeg images via a web browser. A lot of strange projects were funded during the dot com crazy years, and I have my share of stories!

I'm a big C++ enthusiast, and many of the projects I've had a chance to work on over the last ten years have involved C++ in a windows environment. I'm the president of the local ACCU (Association of C and C++ Users) chapter, and an easy way to meet me is to attend a monthly meeting. I'm the guy introducing the speaker. Before my current C++ phase, I did lots of C programming in a variety of UNIX environments, and to this day I'm very comfortable with the command line. I've also quickly learned and quickly forgotten a bunch of languages in the process of getting various contracts done.

Before becoming a professional programmer, I was a mathematics professor. My area of expertise is differential geometry, which originally attracted me because I was studying general relativity. It continued to attract me because it combines so many interesting areas of mathematics: multilinear algebra, complex analysis, quaternions, ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, calculus of variations, algebraic topology, measure theory, and group theory. And it involves the generalization of familiar three dimensional geometry to higher dimensions. My interest in differential geometry is the main reason I chose the mathematics department of SUNY at Stony Brook, one of the world's outstanding geometry centers, as the place to get my PhD in mathematics. To stay in touch with the latest trends I often attend the Stanford mathematics seminars and I also regularly attend the local BAMA (Bay Area Mathematical Adventures) lectures popularizing mathematics. I expect to keep learning about surprising and beautiful links between seemingly unrelated results for a long time to come.

I've always enjoyed teaching, and am happy to share information. I prefer to do it in person, but writing is also satisfying. On this site you'll find many notes I've written up on programming and mathematics. I'm adding more items, so be sure to check the "what's new?" page every so often.

Finally, the easiest way to contact me is via email: As I've mentioned above, there are several local groups whose meetings I regularly attend. If you're attending any of those meetings, please feel free to say hello. I'm also the secretary of the Silicon Valley SIGGRAPH chapter , so yet another place to meet me is at the monthly meetings at Apple headquarters.

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